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Welcome to St. Dominic School!

St. Dominic School proudly exists to serve the individual needs, both spiritual and educational, of the children of the parish and local community.

Our school strives to guide each student into becoming a faith-filled child of God through a strong religion program, numerous liturgical functions, active student ministries in the church and school, an emphasis on Catholic services and celebrations, an immersion in a character education program, and an active student-led Christian Service program.  Closely related to the spiritual development of each student is a strong academic program which utilizes differentiation as the groundwork to assist each child in recognizing his or her own potential.

We are blessed with warm and caring staff members who are constantly searching for ways to grow professionally and spiritually.  Every year staff members apply for and received instructional grants to enhance their curriculum.  One of our teachers has attained National Board Certified Teacher while several others have received the NCEA Teacher of the Year Award for Region Six (Michigan and Ohio).  All faculty members serve on one of three school committees which work to continually improve every facet of the school.

Knowing that the most important teachers for our students are their own parents, St. Dominic School strives to ensure parent support and involvement in many areas.  Each day parents volunteer in the building, work on PTO projects, or serve on the Education Commission.  The St. Dominic PTO has received the prestigious NCEA Home/School Award.

St. Dominic School has had the pleasure of witnessing the growth of many generations of students who are now doctors, engineers, attorneys, accountants, politicians, CEOs, and service persons.  Many of the graduates are faith-filled parents, grandparents, and great grandparents within the St. Dominic Parish community.  Since St. Dominic Parish opened its doors over eighty years ago, it is easy to see why St. Dominic School has become a place for children to grow.