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As technology changes, St. Dominic School continually strives to stay up-to-date.

Students in grades K-8 have access to two computer labs and tablets/chromebook carts. The students learn a variety of technology skills, softwares, tools in Microsoft and Google accounts. An auxiliary computer lab and tablet carts are available for class use as the teacher integrates technology into their subject area being studied. Both the computer teacher and the classroom teacher can work together to integrate technology across the curriculum. Technology classes also learn Coding and 3D printing. The Technology classroom has 2 Polar 3D printers for students to print their 3D projects as well as for use by the STEM Club.

Each and every classroom has an interactive Smart and/or Sharp Monitor Board, document camera and a laptop/tablet for the teacher. Teachers also have access to shared tablets or chromebooks for their classrooms. The entire building has wireless access to the Internet and networked printers throughout the building.

Our library uses an automated program to track our catalogued collection of over 15,000 volumes.  Parents and students can view lists of Accelerated Reader (AR) books, and also check their student’s progress in AR, on line.

Gradelink allows parents to view grades, Interim Reports and Report Cards on line. This program also provides quick and easy communication between parents, teachers, office and nurse via e-mail.