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Information for Parents:

Weekly Parent Press communications from the school can be found by logging into Gradelink.


One copy of all school information will be sent home with the youngest child each Friday via the Home/School Envelope.  For shared custody situations, a note should be sent to the homeroom teacher or the office, and a second envelope with duplicate information will go home with the youngest child who will be responsible for getting this envelope to the other parent.

If a parent wants information to be mailed, self-addressed, stamped envelopes need to be sent to school to cover the entire school year–40 weeks.

A parent can request tuition balance at any time by calling the rectory office (471-7741).  An additional tuition statement will be sent home with the youngest child upon request.


Communicating with the School:

If you need to contact a teacher or the principal, call the school office at 251-1276.

Telephone and voicemail extensions appear in the Staff page of this website.  Please indicate the best time for the teacher or principal to return the call.  Avoid calling teachers at their homes.  DO NOT interrupt teachers during school hours (7:45 a.m.-3:05 p.m.) unless an appointment has been made by note or phone.

Email communication is also encouraged, with staff email addresses also available on the Staff page of this website.

Scheduled Parent-Teacher Conferences are typically held on specific evenings in November and February.  Consult the school calendar for exact dates.

Conferences can be arranged at available out-of-school time upon request throughout the year.

Parents are asked not to interrupt teachers between the hours of 7:45 a.m. and 3:05 p.m. unless previous arrangements have been made by note or telephone call.