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Ability Groupings:  Students in grades K-4 are not grouped by ability.  Students in grades 5-8 are grouped by ability primarily for Language Arts and Mathematics based upon the student’s grades, effort, and standardized test scores.

Advanced Math:  St. Dominic School attempts to place each student at a work level where he/she will be challenged and successful. Students are generally invited into the Advanced Math program at the beginning of the fifth grade. Enrollment is limited. Selection criteria includes: the fourth grade math average at the end of the 3rd quarter; the score on a screening test given in the 4th quarter of the fourth grade; the score earned on the fourth grade Continental Math League competition; teacher recommendation based on study habits; and three scores from the fourth grade Iowa test (SAS, Math NPR, and Total NPR).

Advanced Reading:  The Advanced Reading Program serves students in grades seven and eight with above average abilities and performance in Language Arts.  Participants will learn to think deeply and analyze texts on a more sophisticated level using a variety of novels and other resources.  Vocabulary is also emphasized.  The goal is to challenge and find the best reading placement for each student.

Continental Math League (CML):  Continental Math League is once a month for five months for grades 3-8. The six questions each month evaluate problem solving strategies and reasoning skills. Our school competes against other participating schools nationally.

Enrichment:  St. Dominic School provides enrichment for qualified students.  The top students in each grade level are identified through an evaluation of standardized test scores, math and reading class averages, and teacher recommendations.  The purpose of enrichment is to meet the needs of the advanced student through a broad range of educational experiences that help develop skills in oral and written expression, logical reasoning, creative and critical thinking, independent study and research.

Learning Disability Tutoring:  Available for students who have been identified as having a learning disability and who have an active Service Plan.

School Psychologist:  The school psychologist is available to staff, parents, and students to assist in academic, behavioral, and social interventions.

Speech/Language Pathologist:  Speech/language services are available to all students. Teachers are asked to submit names of students who may benefit from interventions and/or evaluations as found necessary. Parent requests are also considered.

Title I:  This program is available for students in grades K-4. The program is designed to provide extra help in reading. Students are enrolled in Title I based on multiple criteria. The classroom teacher refers a student to the program and completes an evaluation sheet. Students must also show deficits on various reading measures. Students are then rank ordered by need for inclusion in the program.