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St. Dominic School follows the Archdiocese of Cincinnati Graded Course of Study which adheres to standards set forth by the State of Ohio.  All students in grades K-8 receive daily cross-curricular instruction in Religion, Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies; as well as weekly instruction in Art, Music, Computer, and Physical Education.


Language Arts is divided into Reading and Language.  The Reading curriculum integrates reading, writing, visualization, media literacy skills, and encourages students to be successful according to individual needs through differentiated approaches.  The importance of reading and invoking a love for reading are two areas teachers work at continually.  The younger students are supported by a Title I Reading teacher, a Speech/Language therapist, and instructional aides who assist the classroom teachers.  15% or more of the students in in grades 7 & 8 participate in the Advance Reading Program.   The Language curriculum focuses on spelling, grammar, vocabulary and writing.  The older students are encouraged to take an active role in their education through group discussions and drama performances, as well as participating in the Westside Speech Contest (7th & 8th), the SCRIPS National Spelling Bee (4th-8th) and other opportunities for public speaking.  The Students also learn a variety of software and internet programs which will help them to become proficient communicators in this technologically-based world.

The Math curriculum uses manipulatives, as well as drill, to enable all students to learn and retain material and apply math skills to everyday living.  Class meetings in grades K-3 allow for group participation.  Students in grades 4-8 participate in a monthly national math competition in problem solving (Continental Math League) for five months.  Grouping of students in junior high allows the students to proceed at their own rate.  15% or more of the students in grades 5-8 participate in the Accelerated Math Program, allowing them to complete Algebra I before entering high school.

Children of all faiths are welcome at St. Dominic School.  The core Religion program is the Catholic/Christian tradition of faith, service, values, and prayer.  All students participate in a regular systematic religious education program supplemented with formation and community service activities.  Students also participate in a life enhancing character education program carried throughout the curriculum areas.  Catholic students preparing for sacraments participate in additional formation and service activities.  Students in grades 1-8 attend Mass weekly.

St. Dominic students experience the Science curriculum enhanced by hands-on activities and interactive explorations.  Students use the most up-to-date science equipment and technology.  Our science lab increases discovery learning.  Students are exposed to programs offered by area museums, universities, and attractions.  Each year, the older students share what they have learned by planning, teaching, and engaging younger students in science activities during Science Day.

Social Studies fosters an awareness of civic responsibilities, economic life skills, appreciation of geographic and cultural differences, and increases the knowledge of the effects of historical events on a modern global society.  Our 7th grade students are involved with a United States Naturalization Ceremony held annually at our campus.  St. Dominic School participates in the Junior Achievement economics program in grades K-8.  Cultural differences and acceptance are emphasized through experiences such as Australia Days (3rd), historical study of the state and local communities (4th), Johnny Appleseed Day (1st), and pen pals all over the world.

The Art program exposes students to a variety of media and cultural diversity while encouraging self-expression.  Students are taught basic art principles, with an emphasis on art appreciation.  The Spring Art Show highlights student projects, including portraits, paintings, pastels, print making, and 3-D design.  Student entries and winning designs from area competitions are recognized throughout the year.

The Music program enhances the students’ education through activities which stimulate academic, social, and spiritual development.  Selected middle and junior high students participate in various community outreach projects through our Blackhawk Singers program, by performing at various events.  Cantor training is also available for parish functions.  Musical productions created by students and teachers include a first grade Christmas musical, all school and eighth grade plays.

The emphasis of Physical Education (utilizing music, dance, and movement) focuses on activities that facilitate student confidence and enhance developmental skills, team building skills, fitness, and individual/team sports.  Every student is involved in the program which centers around three learning domains: psychomotor, cognitive, and affective.  Special events such as Olympic Day, Field Day, Walk-A-Thon, and Jump Rope for Heart encourage family, as well as community involvement.  The goal is to assist each student in achieving optimum personal physical development, as well as how to contribute to society through positive means.

The goal of the Technology program is to encourage and improve the technology skills of every student with a variety of instructional lessons that help students better understand technology through computers and other devices.  Students learn a variety of software, hardware, applications and Internet usage.  Teachers integrate subject and classroom projects with technology, including Google Classroom and chromebook/tablet usage within classroom.  Older students are prepared for high school through lessons in Microsoft Office products, keyboarding, Adobe products, multimedia projects, Internet safety and research projects.