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Attending St. Dominic School

All registrations, transfers, and admissions are made through the principal’s office. 

A. The primary and essential purpose for the existence of St. Dominic School is to provide a Catholic education for the children of the families of St. Dominic Parish. The following regulations have been adopted:

1. All pupils to be admitted must accept the curriculum and discipline as provided in the school regulations.
2. All Catholic children of the parish are eligible for admission to St. Dominic School.
3. No pupil may be excluded from St. Dominic School because of race, color, religion, national origin, or ancestry.
4. The admission policy shall not be based solely on ability or achievement.
5. Any pupil who seeks admission to St. Dominic School in order to avoid desegregation will not be accepted.

B. Selection of Students:

1. Pupils will be admitted who give promise of being capable of successfully completing the total or prescribed educational program of the school. Incoming pupils who have a history of poor achievement due to lack of effort or application of skills, or have difficulty following rules and regulations will be admitted on a probationary basis at the discretion of the principal.
2. The registration of children with special needs will be reviewed annually by the administration, school psychologist, teachers, and parents prior to the acceptance of registration. The purpose of this procedure is to access whether St. Dominic School can best meet the spiritual, social, intellectual, physical, and personal development of the individual child.
3. When more qualified students apply for admission than can be accommodated, the selection of those to be admitted must not discriminate against any group or individual. The following criteria are to be observed at the discretion of the principal and/or pastor:
a. Target enrollment per class in grades 4 through 8 is 30 students per homeroom. Target enrollment per class in grades 1 through 3 is 25 students per homeroom. Target enrollment per class in Kindergarten is 20 students per homeroom.
b. Pupils from the past year have the first priority.
c. Families must live within the parish boundaries or be registered members of the parish (except those families with children now attending St. Dominic School).
d. A family must be an “Eligible Family” of the parish to receive the parish subsidy. Please refer to the Financial Policy (A. Parish Subsidy) for the requirements to be “Eligible Family” status. Questions of family eligibility will be decided by the pastor.
e. Parents are required to fulfill the tuition responsibilities as listed in the Financial Policy.

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